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Inexpensive Date Ideas in Rexburg

As college students in a pandemic, your options of places to go on a date may be limited; either by money or by social distancing regulations. Here is a list of ideas to get you out and dating again!

Go Hiking.

If you have a car, there are lots of options for hiking around Rexburg. Some popular and free spots are R Mountain and Cress Creek Nature Trail. Pack a lunch and hit the trails. There are other locations that have parking fees you can look into as well, like Mesa Falls.

A walk around Rexburg Nature Park.

This park has a trail that is perfect for a long walk with benches throughout and a river running through it. Bring some bread to feed the ducks and enjoy the fresh air with your date.

Go for a picnic.

You can have a picnic somewhere on campus between classes or at a park during your free time. Make some sandwiches, pack some fruit, and wala! You have an easy and inexpensive date outside.

Go Stargazing.

As it starts to warm up more, you can plan to take your date stargazing. The sand dunes are a great place to stargaze because they have less light pollution but really you can do this anywhere that you can see the sky.

Have a bonfire.

There are a few places close by that you could have a fire. The closest is in the BYU-I Gardens. There is a fireplace near the little red house with the porch swings where you can have a fire in the winter. The other common places within 20 minutes of campus are the sand dunes and Jefferson County Lake. At your bonfire you can roast marshmallows, play games, and talk to each other. Jefferson County Lake does have a $5 entrance fee per vehicle.

Go bowling in the MC.

The bowling alley in the MC is open during the pandemic with few restrictions. You are required to wear a mask and only every other lane is available. They are open from 1-10:30 pm. From 1-5 pm the price is $2 a person and after 5 pm the price is $3 per person. There is also a 50 cent shoe rental. So for two people to go bowling the most it would cost is $7 for the game!

Stay in and make dinner and dessert together.

Do you or your date like to cook? Staying in can be just as fun as going out. Spend time getting to know each other better while you prepare a home cooked meal and/or dessert to share.

Go to the movies.

There are certain times when it is less expensive to go see a movie. Fatcats has $5 Tuesdays where you can go at any time to any movie for $5 a person. At Paramount 5 you can see any Matinee for $5 a person.

Plan a photo scavenger hunt for a group date.

Plan a scavenger hunt with a group of friends. You can plan something very simple or get creative with it. For the scavenger hunt have each group take a picture with every item that they find. Then at the end meet up with each other and share your pictures.

Have a Paint Fight.

You will need a group for this activity. Have each couple pitch in a few bucks for paint. Make sure to buy enough paint for everyone to have at least one bottle. Then plan to meet at a park and start your paint battle!

Have fun on your next date!

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