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What to Do in Rexburg This Spring Semester

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The spring semester at BYU-Idaho is well underway! As the temperature and daylight increase, all semester long is the perfect opportunity to get out and experience all Rexburg has to offer. From community events to historical landmarks to a bit of the great outdoors, there is always something to do and see in our beloved college town. Below are some of the best activities in the city for when you are ready to take a break from the books and go explore. If you are looking for a change of scenery or an idea to get out on the town with your friends and roommates, this list has you covered.

In the Community

The Rexburg Farmers Market

Friday evenings at the Madison County Fairgrounds, you will find the Rexburg Farmers Market. Here you will find farm-fresh local produce you can turn into delicious, healthy meals at home. It is not uncommon to find foods here you would not normally find in the grocery store. If you are feeling creative and adventurous, you can ask right there at the farmstand for tips and advice about preparing them and start to expand your culinary repertoire. You will also find interesting vendors with unique crafts and items to peruse.

Art Stroll

Get your monthly dose of local arts and culture every first Friday from 5 to 8 pm throughout Rexburg at the Art Stroll. This free monthly event features visual art on display at various locations as well as live music and mini-performances for you to encounter as you stroll along the route. Looking to get even more involved in this celebration of local creativity? Are you an artist yourself? Get out there and introduce yourself. You might find an exciting new connection, an opportunity to volunteer, or (for you artists out there) the possibility of securing a showcase of your own at a future event!

City Council Meetings

Looking to discover how you can make a direct difference in your community? One of the most effective ways is to get involved in local government where important decisions are made every week. As a resident of Northpoint, you are a resident of Rexburg as well and your voice counts. Beyond voting, taking the time to attend a city council meeting can position you as a resource and leader for the community. Your vision for the future and how you would like to be of service in the world may be inspired by a simple field trip to city hall. Many who attend city council meetings find that the power of their own presence and voice can make a difference in discussions, broaden their own understanding of government, and lead to a richer sense of community. During your time living in Rexburg, attending city council meetings will reveal the process behind the decisions that directly affect your city.

Outdoor Recreation

Between university facilities, city parks, and the wider outdoors, Rexburg is a great jumping-off point for enjoying some fresh air and nature. These places exist for your enjoyment and appreciation, so take advantage!

Idaho Centennial Carousel

Considered the “jewel of Porter Park,” do not miss Idaho’s only antique wooden carousel! Built in 1926 and restored from Teton dam flood damage by 1990, this historic carousel was a centerpiece in the celebration of Idaho’s 100th birthday. Did you think you were too big for pony rides? Think again! The Idaho Centennial Carousel is fun for all ages. Rides cost $1.25 and are available all season long.

BYU-Idaho Ropes Course

Are you up for a challenge? Come out to the BYU-Idaho Ropes Course! This is a great group activity and a way to form stronger connections with roommates, classmates, and friends. At the ropes course, you will be solving puzzles, playing games, helping one another with aerial activities, conquering the giant swing, zooming down the zip line, and experiencing the free-fall device, all while building skills in teamwork and courage.

Rexburg Rapids

On those warmer days, Rexburg Rapids is the place to be! Cool off on the water slides or in the lazy river. Spend a day with your friends having fun in the sun. Just remember to wear sunscreen. Your school work will still be there waiting for you after you have given yourself a well-deserved break.

Yellowstone Bear World

Situated just west of Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park, Rexburg has no shortage of wildlife adventure just beyond its backyard. However, you only have to head five miles south of town to experience Yellowstone Bear World, Rexburg’s drive-thru wildlife park. Many animals are featured here including elk, bison, mountain goats, moose, and bears, of course. People from all over Idaho and neighboring states come to visit this exciting attraction we have so close to our campus.

Rexburg Idaho Temple

No list of Rexburg’s attractions would be complete without giving special mention to the Rexburg Idaho Temple. While the primary purpose of this establishment serves as grounds for worship and sacred ceremony within the LDS faith, the breathtaking beauty it provides to passersby cannot be denied. Dedicated in 2008, the Rexburg Idaho Temple is the 125th dedicated temple in operation. Visitors to the temple are welcome to walk around the manicured grounds and admire the exquisite architecture of the building. What a wonderful way to enjoy one of our many beautiful days of the spring semester.


The Rexburg Museum

Have you ever been curious about the history of Rexburg? Perhaps you have heard about the Teton Dam Flood that washed through the city in 1976. Learn about this important event and so much more at the Rexburg Museum. You will even have the chance to see how you would fare in the flood by trying out the historically themed escape room featured at the museum.

Legacy Flight Museum

How would you like an up-close and personal encounter with airplanes that have been used over the past century? At Legacy Flight Museum, you will find different styles of airplanes dating back to the 1930s. Many of these planes have been used in the military and are now historical artifacts on display for your viewing pleasure and education. Remember your student card to receive the college student discount on admission.

While you continue to put in your best work to finish the spring semester on a strong note, it can be easy to burn out if you don’t take breaks when needed. Remember to give yourself ways to balance with some recreation and adventure. These events and attractions are great options for just that when you need fresh ideas to get out and do something fun and different.

And if you just want to chill at your apartment, Northpoint has plenty of amenities to offer to keep you entertained during your downtime during this Spring semester. 

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