Floor Plans

Every detail has been meticulously implemented

Our residents love the perks of living at NorthPoint Apartments. Each apartment has excellent features, such as extra storage, laundry facilities, multiple sinks and bathrooms, spacious living rooms, and state of the art kitchen appliances. Outside the apartments, you will find game rooms, music rooms, exercise facilities, theater rooms, study areas, and much more! There are always fun events happening at NorthPoint, and every Friday we have treats for all of the residents.   At NorthPoint, we do everything we can to make you feel at home.



Not only are NorthPoint Apartments filled with convenient, beautiful, and luxurious amenities, they are also reasonably priced! Contact us now to learn more about why your BYU-Idaho home should be at NorthPoint.

Parking is available for $100 (garage parking), $70 (auxiliary lots), $50 (overnight parking) and $35 (motorcycles).

Parking is limited, and permits are not reserved until payment is received